About this project

This project consisted of rebranding a New Zealand news website. I looked at six user personae and designed three mobile and three desktop layouts. I steered clear of the traditional overpowering newspaper layout and incorporated a more minimalist approach, using a clear hierarchical layout in terms of information. 

What I did

-Researched news websites & newspapers
-Brainstormed what I wanted users to get from the website
-Worked on paper prototypes for each user personae
-Conducted a series of user testing
-Edited prototypes on behalf of feedback from user testing sessions
-Rapid iteration and mass user testing
-Used paper prototypes in Adobe XD
-Coded an article page in Brackets
-Made a series of user testing reports
-Made a speculative sitemap
-Documented the user interface specifications

Search page
Bottom of article page- articles with sensitive topics have hotline numbers, similar articles are featured also
Webpage on all screens
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