About the project

This piece is a Specimen of the typeface Martin, by Vocaltype, inspired by signs held during the Memphis Sanitation Strike. This piece hinges on the theme of diversity and history. My design intent was to make it thought provoking and induce a desire to learn more about the time period and the political and judicial injustices. I created a dust jacket and a newspaper specimen for this brief. 
What I did
-Researched history 
-Thumbnail Layouts
-Created an editorial Framework
-Paper Prototypes
-Test Printing
-Tested paper stocks
-Tested colour schemes
-Paper Engineered dust jacket
Dust Jacket for Newspaper Specimen & Typology Book
Fonts Used
Fonts - Martin Font, Vocaltype
Body copy- Bembo Std
Materials Used
Dust Jacket- A0 size print that folds into cover
Newspaper Specimen-  3 sheets of 45gsm newsprint paper, folded into four sections
Iterations for Newspaper Specimen
Final Newspaper Specimen
Final Dust Jacket
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