Hplace is an app and touch screen that lets users learn more about the history of Wellington locations. Hplace acknowledges that everyday we walk past history and don't interact with it. It looks at the connection between people and places and expands on the rich history that these places have to offer us, particularly migrants. My design is catered to contemporary migrants who seek out as much information as possible about their new surroundings. Contemporary migrant are particularly interested in New Zealand culture and part of that is New Zealand history. 

Thinking about accessibility: Both my app and touch screen feature the ability to translate into 30 different languages chosen through research. The touch screen design is low to the ground to ensure wheelchair users can interact with it and the text is in simple English to not overload the user. The touch screen is accessible to my audience as it ensures users can learn more and interact while at the space, bypassing the need for them to have technology at home. The app acts as an extension of the touch screen, providing extra information and featuring all the locations in one place, should the user want to learn more.

The screen in context. Placed at the Pacific Island Presbyterian Church, Constable St, Newtown.

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